Conduct your drawing and music at the same time!


While you are drawing and spreading your creativity power, you can "direct" your favorite music to draw with you.

Being the conductor, you can choose your favorite music or song from your Music Library. There are two different modes to "direct" your music while drawing:

Let it flow mode:
The music starts when your fingers touch the drawing board and start drawing. The music continues to play even you lift your fingers off the drawing board. The music pauses when you touch the drawing board again. Then to continue playing the music, touch the drawing board again...

Touch the tune mode:
The music starts playing when you start drawing. The music continues as long as you are drawing and touching your drawing board. When you lift your fingers off the drawing board, the music pauses. The music plays again when you draw on the board again...

Follow the music to draw or direct the music to follow your drawings!

Lots of fun! Try drawing a snail in one stroke! Draw a colorful flower with your kids...Create their interests by drawing with the music! Draw your favorite items and show them to your friends or love ones...

Other features of Draw a Tune:

+ Colorful palette. 21 colors to choose from!

+ Black and white drawing board! Switch the background color of the drawing board between white and black (day and night) to create different effects and fun! (e.g. Try drawing in black on a black background and then switch the background to white!)

+ 18 background colors in addition to black and white!

+ Different paint brush sizes available!

+ Undo function. Undo your last or all previous brush strokes, one by one, at your will.

+ Clear function. Clear all your drawing at once and start anew!

+ Save photo function. Save your masterpiece as a photo file in your Photo Album!

+ And of course...while we all love music, there is also a stop music button for you to draw in quiet times.

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